Overseas grocery shopping

We're back from our holidays in Europe. Needless to say we had a fantastic time.

Am I the only one who enjoys grocery shopping in foreign countries?

We honestly could have bought more, but in the end we managed to haul the following goodies back to Australia (noting that we bought more chocolate during our travels, but we ate it along the way).

I could tell that by the end of our trip my boyfriend had lost his patience with me as I stood gawking at the dairy fridge and at the shelves in the beauty isle in just about every supermarket that we walked into.

Dairy isle in a French supermarket...
... it went on for what seemed like forever.

I regret not buying more vodka in Poland and other floral honeys in France.

We lost track of how much alcohol we had purchased (one can *only* bring 2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages duty-free into Australia) and I had read conflicting information online about bringing honey into the country... I therefore only bought one jar of lavender honey in case it was confiscated by DAFF. Luckily, the DAFF officer let us keep our jar of honey after inspecting it. We bought some Soplica vodka in hazelnut, quince and raspberry flavours and Sobieski vodka in bitter sweet flavour (green nuts, orange and spices) - we are not big drinkers, so it should last a while.

I'm now looking forward to making crepes for brunch sometime soon - available toppings will be: miel lavande (lavender honey), confiture de figues violettes (purple fig conserve), crème de marrons (chestnut conserve), crème de noisettes (hazelnut conserve) and confiture de lait fleur de sel (salted caramel).

Delicious crepe toppings
For the record, I found La Fermière yogurt at Harrods in London and at a supermarket in Poznań (in Poland) called Alma. In fact, I found flavours at both places that I could not find in France! Of course, the terracotta pots in which this delicious yogurt is packaged in came home with me. Now to find an Australian stockist...

Le Fermière yogurt pots


  1. Ah, one of my favourite things to do overseas is shop for groceries! More so than shopping for clothes and shoes! Yes, cue gasp. And wowee! You went through quite a bit of La Fermiere! So you did like it? I feared I built it up too much, haha! I'm so jealous now, just looking at all the pots (I have the pots, just miss what was inside, yum!) :) Which flavours did you find in Harrods/Poland that weren't in France?



    1. I love the La Fermiere yogurt and you are right Jalna is most similar here in Australia.
      In Harrods I found the honey yogurt and in Poland I found the lemon yogurt and the caramel flavoured dessert. (I could only find the chocolate in France).

  2. Glad you had a great trip and welcome back. I also agree, international supermarkets and pharmacies/drugstores are my favourite things to wander through.

  3. Ah! I love Le Fermière yogurt and I also brought a little blue pot home with me from Paris :)

  4. I admit to finding pharmacies and drugstores fascinating even though I'm not really a product junkie myself. Foodwise - that's my hubs's weakness - he's the foodie. I save my case for any clothing purchases :o)


    Love seeing the goodies you bought, esp the terracotta yoghurt pots.

    I'd never even thought about grocery shopping when overseas, my suitcases are usually jam-packed with clothes/shoes. Will keep this in mind next time I travel.

  6. I am the same! I LOVE looking in supermarkets overseas, and picking up foreign items which are otherwise unavailable where I live. One time I went to the USA and brought back 12kg of food in its own suitcase haha. Good to see I'm not the only one. Those terracotta pots are gorgeous - did you manage to take many home? x

    1. All of them - 10 blue, 3 dark grey and 2 orange. So heavy.

  7. I love grocery shopping overseas!!! Love it!

    SSG xxx

  8. Can you buy the Le Fermiere yogurt in Australia?

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