Needs vs Wants...

Must not buy any more black ankle boots...

From left to right: Mollini, Tony Bianco, Tony Bianco, Witchery, Country Road and Urban Soul.

Inspiration - how to style Chloe Silverados

I'm a proud owner of Chloe Silverados that don't get worn as much as they deserve to be...

Wear with black tights
Image source: The Sartorialist

Wear with thick grey socks or grey clothes
Image source: auxpaysdesmerveilles

Wear with multiple neutral toned (but not brown) layers
 Image source: The Sartorialist

Once upon a time...

 Coat - Lover
Dress - Maje
Belt - Cue (not visible)
Gloves - Country Road
Tights - Target
Shoes - Chloe "Silverado"
Bag - Mulberry "Emmy"

my cats say "meow"

I'm a DINKTC - member of a dual income, no kid, two cat household.

Always inspired, but lately seldom motivated... I feel like I'm stuck in a deep creative rut.

After a year in the fashion wilderness (renovating) - this blog is my way to help me find my style mojo again.