Short, sharp and shiny April wrap up... almost in June

This month and last month we have been busy sprucing up what we affectionately refer to as the "crusty bathroom" or the "cats' bathroom" (since that is where the kitty litter trays live). I will share before and after pictures as soon as our little project is complete.  As per usual, this job has taken much longer to complete than anticipated and there isn't even any tiling involved!

I have been feeling a little jaded about almost everything lately - my job, my wardrobe, fashion in general, hence why I have been rather quiet in blogosphere, but to keep the momentum going I thought I would just quickly summarise what I've been buying lately (not much).

Wardrobe additions 
  1. Sussan leopard print tube skirt (see previous post). I have not worn this yet... hmmm.
  2. Sussan green jewelled necklace (see previous post).  Amazingly this did not cause the back of my neck to get inflamed, albeit I only wore it for a short period of time.
  3. Sussan blue jewelled earrings (see previous post).  Ditto re ear lobe inflammation.
  4. Country Road metallic linen jacket.  This is by far my most exciting purchase in years. It's a direct replacement for a jacket I wrote about in this post. It popped up on eBay and I did not hesitate to snap it up immediately (well I waited until the last second to bid like I always do).
  5. Witchery navy blue silk shirt with lace sleeves. Very pretty. I wore it to a degustation dinner (OMG so expensive! Never again, or at least not until we win lotto!) two weekends ago.
  6. Witchery navy blue ribbed cuffed pants. I wore them last weekend to breakfast with my Dickers.  Not too sure about this combo (and neither was my boyfriend) but I wore it anyway (refer back to my comment about being jaded).

I spent less than $200 on fashion items in April thanks to some vouchers I had.  This is not to say that I wasn't tempted to spend more, however I exercised an insurmountable amount of will power on many occasions and refrained from buying a number of lovely things.  Regardless of the fact that I am still recovering from the mega credit card bill from a couple of months ago (hence a little poor), I have been directing pretty much all disposable income towards things for the home... little things, but it all adds up.