Surroundings... I am suffering from declutterer's block...

Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I have started to realise that my surroundings are having a negative impact on my state of well being. My surroundings are preventing me from doing the things that I want to do because of all the things that I need to do. Given that there is so much that I need and want to do, I am getting almost nothing done. It's a vicious cycle.

Not my home

I'm experiencing mini anxiety attacks because... I can't find my favourite lipstick... or too many receipts for goods which I no longer own are preventing me from finding the receipt for a dis-functioning steamer which I only bought 8 months ago.  It's the little things, you know?

What scares me the most is that it's tax time just around the corner and my papers are spread across two rooms, three boxes and four draws. I'm actually expecting a refund, so one would think I would be excited about it hence organised, but I'm not.

I think that I am suffering from declutterer's block.

I have one success story to write about which has actually spurred me on a bit.  The piles of magazines that my Mother finally convinced me to take away months ago, remained where I put them (under the lamp table) for months on end until yesterday.  I am happy to report that as I write this post the last lot of my old magazines have been sorted through and are now in the recycling bin.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders (and from underneath my lamp table).  

This blog was a great focusing tool for me when I culled my wardrobe and even though I am a relatively busy person (...although others seem to cram a lot more in, so maybe I'm just lazy?), I'm thinking why not also blog about de-cluttering, organising and beautifying my home?

I know it's been done before... but any interest?  I promise embarrassing before and after photographs.


  1. Decluttering is a must. If you have too much "stuff," you spend your life dealing with it (maintaining it, cleaning it, putting it away, moving it around, avoiding it, etc.) rather than actually going out and living your life.

    Check out Best thing I've ever seen for taking those difficult first steps and then following through, without becoming overwhelmed.

    Would love to read about your progress!


  2. definitely blog about it! it will motivate you so much and you will feel so free and clear when it's done. I do a massive cull of my apartment every now and again but need to do another one. it's so hard to get started but so worth it xx

  3. Would love it too! I just came across your blog and it's really motivating me in my efforts. I have a similar problem to yours and so I love hearing any tips and insights you have in this process. Good luck!

  4. I'd loveeee to see it! I've been trying to blog about my own progress with little success, so hopefully you'll inspire me :)

  5. I love a good decluttering story ;)

  6. Do it - I can say from experience that throwing away unnecessary things is highly cathartic. I suppose the way I look at it, is do I really need all of these things? Read a book or two on minimalism and it might inspire you! :)

  7. Ok will do!

    manon729 & jamie-lee - my issue is more with paper rather than "stuff" and "things". So much of it! Although I admit that so far I have put a Muster hair straightener and Phillips epilator on the cull pile... neither of which I have used for a VERY long time.

    Not really too interested in becoming a minimalist, but I would like to get organised once and for all.

  8. It always feels good to get rid of clutter- congrats! Having your personal space organized properly really helps clear your mind. I actually go through and reorganize my closet each week so it doesn't get crazy. OCD much;) It really helps me relax when things are in order.