'Upgrading' ... when second best is simply not enough

In the spirit of this blog being a study in building my ideal wardrobe through the process of culling and then only buying things that I KNOW I will wear and enjoy to (re)develop my style... I have a confession to make.

An opportunity arose to buy the Isabel Marant 'Dickers' in the Taupe colour.  I seized the opportunity.

Isabel Marant 'Dickers' vs Witchery 'Simone'

Truth be told, although I never intended to buy the real deal, the idea did not seem completely obscene since I was immensely enjoying wearing my Witchery knock-offs.  Through wearing the Witchery shoes, I now knew that this style would work for me, so buying the Isabel Marant version would not be a waste of my money (like the countless other things in my wardrobe).  Further in reading owners' testimonials about how comfortable these shoes are (and comfort now being the number one factor when considering a shoe purchase these days), I decided to bite the bullet and splurge.  I figured if I didn't, I would regret it next week when someone else decided they had to have these shoes BEFORE I decided the same thing.

This is not the first time a Witchery dupe has caused me to spend a lot of money.  The Witchery 'Phoebe' - a knock off of the Chloe 'Paddington', sans the padlock started it all.

Although I liked the Witchery knock-off "Chloe" bag, I couldn't help but daydream about one day carrying the real thing... I patiently waited for the Paddington to go on sale, and when it did it became mine!  Buying it made me REALLY happy (but quite possibly because I was in a really unhappy relationship at the time).  

That Chloe 'Paddington' bag kind of set things off for me.  The Witchery knock-off didn't even compare to the real thing in terms of quality and workmanship (even though it was a lot more comfy to carry - weighing about a tonne less than the Paddy!).

Very similar detailing on the Witchery 'Simone'... but no leather lining and sole.

It seems that there is a trend based on my past shopping experiences and the most recent experience - that the Witchery "Simone" boots get culled after only a few weeks of being purchased - I like to make way for what I wanted in the first place. Which begs the question - should one save for what one really wants in the first place, rather than settle for second best or the copy? Or is the idea behind buying inspired goods or copies a way to road test whether to upgrade later?


  1. It's still possible to keep the Witchery's since the color looks distinctly different enough. I'm one to upgrade too, but that's usually years down the road. Right now I'm adopting a "love the one you're with" policy, as upgrading isn't a priority.

  2. ^ yes, a good point about the colour, but I think that now that I have the IMs I want to wear them as much as possible :)
    ah, 'love the one you're with'... about to do a post about when that quite doesn't work out how one imagines it.

  3. Thanks for this post. It's a good thing that I have bought no knock-offs of the Hermes Kelly that I want... Not even the Oscar de La Renta one that silly people call "a response" instead of "a knock off". The "response" will not satisfy the void. It will only make it more difficult to ignore.

    I have a pair of bottines in the most superior quality by Latitude Femme. They were such a crazy low price and are every bit as comfy. Also, they are much more my style than anything Western will ever be.

    It is nice that you understand your own style. These posts inspire me to look at that more closely.


    La Copine

  4. Wow I can't believe how similar they are!

    I'm trying really hard not to buy inspired versions of things anymore, which is hard.

    The only time I've ever done an upgrade was with my Rick Owens wedges, but I technically didn't buy the Sportsgirl wedges they were inspired by because they were a gift.

    In my dreams I imagine I'd upgrade from my Daytona jacket to a real Rick Owens one too but at $2500 I expect I'll be waiting an awfully long time!


  5. Hi Alicia,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I read on your blog a few weeks ago that you were fed up with the contents of your wardrobe too (not sure why though you always look fab). Anyway I don't know if you are into eBaying, but I recently sold enough stuff to almost afford a Rick Owens jacket (if I wanted one)! Maybe this is an option for you?
    I myself need to do another massive sell off before I buy anything else... At the moment I am living by the 10 out 1 in philosophy :) (less is more).

  6. just saw your post...those witchery versions are the closest to the real thing compared to all the other versions i've seen! not a bad backup version if you really really love the Dickers, which i am guessing you do :)

  7. miss sophie - I know! I ended up selling the Witchery boots, because I figured that when buying boots this exxy one needs to wear them as much as possible. The only thing stopping me now is my corporate job... need to find a way to corporatise them :)

  8. I have the witchery boots too! amazing!! they are comfy to a point, but I find I can't really walk huge distances in them.. maybe my heel tolerance is abnormally low haha. I'm glad to know that other people obsess about upgrading/buying copies. I've thought so much about my country road satchel which is a knock off of a ps1... I still desperately want a ps1 haha!


  9. Hannah-rose - I think that sometimes buying the dupe is smart idea... you can road test the style so to speak with out shelling out a lot of money. If you decide that the style fits in with your lifestyle you save for the real thing ;) Maybe if you are lucky you will come across the PS1 (on sale) in NYC :) x