Country Road Autumn 2014 Purchases

In the same vein that I secretly wish for my wardrobe to spontaneously combust (so that I could buy all new stuff guilt free), I secretly wish for my kitchen cupboards to collapse from the weight of my mismatched crockery.  If this unfortunate event had occurred last week, I probably would have used my Country Road Spend and Save vouchers on some new tableware - so many pretty plates, dishes, bowls and platters!  Needless to say my kitchen cupboards are safely intact, and although my wardrobe did not burn down either, new clothes have been purchased.

As per usual, I spent an entire lunch break trying on all the new stock in the store.

I ended up with these pieces after much deliberation:

Print Fluid Dress - Although I have decided to stick to a palette of neutrals this year, this red dress is super flattering on me and suits my colouring perfectly.  I should point out that this dress is comprised out of polyester, meaning that I'll need to wait until the weather cools before I can wear it.  I've been told by Country Road sales assistants that Country Road is using more polyester to keep their price points down, but I would honestly rather pay $50 more for viscose - at least viscose breathes.

Quilted Bodice Dress - I have a couple of events coming up and I think this dress will be easy to dress up with some jewels when worn strapless. I especially like the soft silk/cotton voile fabric - so light and airy.

Texture Print Pant - Apparently these printed cotton pants are selling like hotcakes.  After trying them on, I can see why... they are cut beautifully and I especially like the narrow leg and slightly cropped length.  Of course I wish they came in plain black also.

Crew Neck Stripe T-Shirt - Ignoring the fact that it is a striped top and that I already own close to a million striped tops, I bought this one because the neckline is nicely scooped and it is loose through the body but not sloppy.  It looks very 'cool' on. I can't wait to wear it with skinny jeans and ankle boots.

What do you think of Country Road's new Autumn collection? Have you bought anything?


  1. I quite like it - although have avoided going instore to actually look it at yet - I'm hoping to pick up some of the homewares when I arrive. I like the water jugs, blankets and cushions. If only they had two separate spend and saves.

    Love the look of the trousers that you picked up - they sound gorgeous!

  2. I've been trying to avoid going into CR but that never lasts for long...damn Spend & Save! I really like that quilted bodice dress, and have been tempted to go and at least try it on but I know if I do that then I'm halfway to the register! I like all your purchases!

  3. Red is enough of a staple colour, plus you want *some* items to stand out amongst a wardrobe of neutrals. I'm so glad CR sizing is so vain that I can't buy anything, otherwise I'm sure I would splurge a great deal!


  4. I haven't bought anything, not from lack of trying! Nothing has been 'right' that I've tried on. Lucky for my wallet though!

    Their homeware is awesome this season, but I do not need!

  5. I haven't gone in yet, but do looooove their 'homewares' (want almost everything)! And also the kids range, especially an amazing oversized apple cushion that sadly costs $300, even at $200 S&S it's a bit much...

  6. I tried that black dress on and absolutely loved it! However I was too poor after Dec/Jan to get it :(
    It makes me mad that CR is using so much polyester! The reason why I shopped there was because they used decent quality fabrics. Plus polyester dress still shouldn't cost $150

  7. Agree - the pastel homewares look lovely this season. I used my spend and save on a merino knit in a watermelon colour and a grey mens' quilted sweatshirt. Could have done without both but that's the allure of the SnS.