Hello again...

I have decided to resurect this blog and although it is now apparent to me that I may be culling my wardrobe for the rest of my life (ho-hum), I'm not sure that it's the only topic that I want to be writing about.

So, what other things will I write about?

Quick and healthy mid-week meals

I work in a corporate environment and attend young professional networking functions here and there (even though I'm not so young anymore). One of the constant topics that comes up when I "network" is food and how no one has time to cook. Rubbish I say! I hope to publish some of the quicker recipes I enjoy making mid-week... No excuses!

Our renovations

We have been in our home for just over a year now.  Slowly we have figured out what we don't like about our place and the changes that we would like to implement.

During my blogging hiatus we had ducted heating and cooling installed (bliss) and also put up a motorised retractable awning in the backyard (we did not want any permanent structures blocking out any glorious Winter sunlight). Although both of these projects have been exciting for us, they do not make for riveting blogging content. The next projects on the agenda, however, are more visually stimulating! We are just beginning to plan an en suite to our master bedroom (STCC) and also a new kitchen.

I hope to share my renovation  ideas on this blog, as well as to get input from fellow renovators who may stumble across these words.


The amount of small home projects I have piling up is getting to be embarrassing. I won't list them all here (because then I will feel accountable to you all) but I'll try to blog about these projects as I complete them. At the moment I am building up the motivation to repaint the mantle and fireplace in our formal lounge room.


This topic continues to fascinate me, but because I have now admitted to myself that I have a genetic predisposition to hoarding, I may never be able to call myself a 'minimalist'.  Anyhow, I'm really keen to at least get rid of the unnecessary stuff in my life and also to organise everything in our home.

And I will continue where I left off...

Regardless of the progress I have made with my attitude towards shopping (with mammoth hiccups occurring spasmodically), for me the culling process has been fraught with frustration.  I don't think it makes for good or helpful reading when every other post is about a new culling methodology that I have implemented because the old one hasn't worked for me. Nevertheless, because I like fashion and I enjoy this endless quest for the ideal wardrobe (in a very sick and twisted way), this blog will continue to serve as a portrayal of the battles (some) women (me) have with the contents of their (my) wardrobe.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your comments.


  1. Wow all of this applies to me apart from the home renovations. Am looking forward to these mid-week recipes and small home projects. I want to start doing more home stuff but I just have no time (worst excuse in the world!).

    Also thrilled you're blogging again :)

    1. Thanks Kay :)
      I also use the 'no time' excuse all of the time, but then I find myself procrastinating on the internet for hours on end...

  2. I look forward to the recipes! I'm not great at cooking and I would love to read about easy and quick recipes (and hopefully manage to lessen the amount of the dreaded junk/ fast food!)

  3. I am so so happy to see that you are returning to blogging, yours has always been one of my favourites, I suppose because I can relate!

    I was reading a blog recently that described intentionalism, an offshoot of minimalism for those who choose to live with purpose and purchase things with intent, I suppose to sum it up. Might be worth looking into!

    Ah and the culling - I too agree it's never ending. Especially the more you shop. I've just undertaken a big cull, getting rid of things I never thought I would (consequently my mother is doing well shopping from the things I'm parting with haha!), as I'm trying to narrow it all down so it will fit into a suitcase, and weigh less than 30kg.. I think I have a tough job ahead of me..

    1. Thanks Jamie-Lee, your comment means a lot to me.
      I will need to look into this intentionalism philosophy... Sounds interesting!

  4. Good to have you back.

    1. Thanks!
      Sort of back! Work is keeping me super busy and highly stressed at the moment, hope to get into the swing of things in the coming weeks :)

  5. Looking forward to reading about your renovations and home projects. We've been in our house for over 5 years and I can see us making improvements for a long time yet. Finish painting inside, start outside, ensuite, etc etc. Seeing the transformation is worth it. Good luck with yours xx

    1. Time is one thing, but then there's the money thing...
      I enjoy seeing your renos progress on Instagram x

  6. good luck with the renovations. i've been the innocent bystander to never ending renovations & construction for over a decade...and still going...