I'm planning our European holiday... really quickly

In less than two weeks my boyfriend and I will be relaxing somewhere in Europe...

We have been planning (read: talking about) this holiday for many months. We got to a point in mid January that nothing was booked so I called our travel agent to make it happen. Now all of a sudden, it's happening. We leave in a matter of days and and I'm starting to get nightmares about:

1. My boss telling me at some stage prior that I can't take the time off work anymore
2. Forgetting to pack something really important
3. Forgetting to pack altogether
4. Misplacing my passport somewhere in the house
5. Being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport
6. Missing the plane altogether

What can I say, I'm a worrier...

I hope that none of the above mentioned travel disasters occur and that instead I finally get to try Pierre Hermé macarons.  Back in 2012 I tried Ladurée's offerings in New York and was left a little bit disappointed. Pierre Hermé macs better blow my mind!

Ladurée NYC - March 2012
Of course I'm hoping to do the obligatory 'what's in my cabin bag' and 'packing list' posts (because it's excellent blog fodder if anything).  Some may say that lists like this are anal retentive, but let me tell you that back in 2012 when I came down with gastro/food poisoning (whatever that was) days before we were set to depart for the US, the lists saved me a lot of worry. They allowed me to literally pack in 10 minutes flat - which was all the time away from the bathroom that I could muster.

So now to get through the next fortnight of work without tearing out our hair and/or working until 10pm in the days leading up to our departure.  I also need to get around to booking the rest of our accommodation and internal train travel - yes we are this unorganised!
Map sourced from: www.worldatlas.com


  1. How exciting! I love a good trip.

    Agree with you re lists, plus it also helps avoid feeling like you've forgotten something. Depending on the length of my trip I sometimes write down the outfits for each day so I know how I can use everything.

    It's a different world now and if you have an iPad etc then it's easy to book a lot of stuff once you're over there, such as train tickets. Try not to stress too much and just enjoy. I can't wait to hear all about it x

    1. Outfit planning sounds like good fun and find it's great for a shorter trip.
      We are heading off for just over a month on this occssion so I'm going to play it by ear and hopefully blend in with the locals at each destination :)

  2. Lists are the best and I always find the easiest way to make sure you are on track for a holiday. It helps with planning to say the least. I'm so excited for you - I would almost kill for a holiday although new job/new city stops me from it!

    If it makes you feel any better, when I was at the airport about to fly to Sydney, I realised that my passport was due to expire in under two months (now about 1... whoops), as I thought I had an additional year on it. Thankfully I slipped through but ALWAYS worth checking. Looking forward to those packing posts! xx

    1. I'm sure you will soon find time to travel Australia - plenty to see here! x

  3. Oh I am ALL FOR lists and lists and lists!! Can't wait to see these posts and so excited for you xx

    1. Me too! I think if I had a list for everything my life would be way more organised... hmm something for me to consider. x

  4. my fiance and i have perfected one of our travel lists (our camping festival list). we got it absolutely perfect last weekend, and saved so much time as well. our list is now laminated, so i draw on it with whiteboard market (i can add, tick off, all of that). i have an app too, but there's something about the physical list that i find works best for me.

    1. Lists really do make packing easier! I find if one mulls over it enough, it prevents last minute items being chucked in the suitcase.