The ultimate packing list - In my suitcase

The last 24 hours have been horrible for me.  I have come down with food poisoning!  If anyone has any tips on how to deal with it whilst traveling - I'm all ears (we fly out tomorrow morning).  Currently taking stuff to paralyze my intestines (so that I can stop running to the toilet every half an hour) and electrolytes to rehydrate.

Anyways, back to the subject of this post... packing.  I have looked at the weather forecast for NYC for the next 10 days and the temperatures are basically like the coldest I ever experienced where I live now - obviously not unbearable but very chilly by our Aussie standards.  I'm relived to see though that there is no rain in sight and Thursday is looking like it might be a balmy 17 degrees.

Although it looks like I'll need to pack my Winter wardrobe, the name of the game for this holiday is pack light and shop hard.  The items in red text are the things which I intend to throw out/donate to charity whilst on my holiday.

My packing list:

Coats and Jackets
  • Witchery faux shearing lined long coat in beige.
  • Etoile Isabel Marant tweed blazer in dark grey (will double as an outwear layer on warmer days).

  • Country Road seamed dress in black (can be dressed up or down).

  • by Malene Birger cape knit in black
  • Fleur Wood bat wing knit in light grey

  • Jane Lamerton striped top in cream and almost black navy.
  • Witchery statement shoulder top in black.
  • Woolen bat wing top in black.
  • Bat wing top in khaki.
  • Country Road long sleeve tee in black.
  • Layering tops.
  • Seamless tops in black and nude.

  • Country Road skinny jeans in blue.
  • Nudie skinny jeans in black.
  • Country Road panel stretch pant in dark grey.

  • Isabel Marant Dickers in anthracite.
  • Country Road biker boots in black.
  • A pair of flats.

  • Scarf.
  • Socks.
  • Fleece lined tights in black.
  • Undies.
  • 2 x bras (one nude and one black)
  • Pyjama pants (with daytime layering tops as pyjama tops).

That's it.  And in case you are wondering the above list includes what I will be wearing on the plane.


    1. This list kind of reminds me when I was in the US/Canada last year. I packed 13 items of clothing.. for a 6 week trip. I ended up taking too little as I struggled to find pieces that I wanted to buy. In saying that, you've probably packed about the perfect amount for ten days :)

      As for the culling I've been doing around the house, I've found I can type things up, scan bits and pieces, so that I have electronic copies. I figure it's the way we are all headed anyway.

      Well, I hope the food poisoning is gone, and that you have a safe flight over to the US. Have a great time!!

    2. Oh, you poor thing! Food poisoning! I would suggest holding off taking that medication until you fly however, you want to 'get rid' of whatever is causing the 'food poisoning' from your system BEFORE you travel if possible, and by 'paralyzing the intestines', you may delay that process, if that makes sense...

      Your packed list sounds great! ;) Hope you have a fantastic trip, and that you recover from your food poisoning 100% asap!


    3. What terrible timing! I have nightmarish childhood memories of my mother getting ill from a rogue oyster on our holiday in Noosa, it was akin to that infamous scene in Alien...

      I went to San Francisco last year around this time and it was freezing - and I even love the cold! I am not sure what New York is like but all I can say is be prepared. Don't forget to take something warm on the plane as well. I ended up succumbing to a faux fur jacket on my stopover to Sydney which ruined my plans for light luggage but later I was so glad I had it, since the plane was like a fridge.

      PS: I have been reading your blog for a little while now, I find it very inspiring :)

    4. So sorry to hear about the poisoning, and on the night before travelling too! (and the rogue oyster story above gave me the chills!)
      Wishing you a sae and exciting journey, not to mention a quick recovery! Can't wait to hear what you have to share on your return:)

    5. Long time reader, first time commenter.

      So sorry to hear that you have food poisoning. Are you sure it's food poisoning and not just gastro? At any rate, you want to get something to stop the cramps, and something to stem the flow - go to your chemist, or get someone else to go. Keep replacing fluids, get some lollies or something simple to eat to keep your sugar levels up.

      On a happier note, your packing list looks great, and I find it very helpful for my own imminent trip away. I live in a hot part of WA, and am going to Vic, ACT, and then to Japan for a week ... I guess I can't over-pack when I only own a dozen winter items?

      Hope you are feeling better.

    6. Thanks everyone for your lovely words.

      I recovered from my bug within a few days, but it took a week for my appetite to return (probably a good thing since I have a big appetite).