Channeling a cashed up female retiree...

Do you ever visit the "ladies co-ordinates" or "ladies items" department in your local department store?  You know the one I mean, the department where your grandmother shops?  I do, as I find that they are a mecca for striped tops.

I passed through the other day - initially just for fun, but I ended up buying this tee:

The top is from the brand Jump and I purchased it from David Jones for $69.95, which is a lot more than I would usually pay for a tee on the spur of the moment whilst supposedly shopping for a Wedding card... but I liked the fit, and was experiencing a tough day at work, so I bought it.

It's a linen/viscose blend and the stripes are actually printed - so in time I think the stripes will take on a weathered appearance. I hope the top doesn't stretch too much like linen usually does. [Who am I kidding? I know it will.]

I know that the sequins are a little circa-2009, but at least it doesn't have shoulder pads...


  1. I never would have pictured this top in the 'ladies department'! I like the 'rough' lines and the 'sprinkled' sequins! Hope it keeps its shape well ;)


    1. I was surprised by it too. It helped add a little bit of sparkle to my really very dreary day :)

  2. sorry to be the party pooper here but what happened to no shopping until nyc????

  3. it's hard for me to resist a stripe shirt so i'm going to play devil's advocate to Pret's comment ;) cute find!

  4. ohh i actually love the sequins!!

  5. Oh it is cute. It just goes to show you that you can find cute items just about anywhere:)