Wardrobe organisation

Even though I have culled quite a bit of stuff (I'm not finished yet) and bought a few new things, I'm finding that I still have issues finding things to wear each day. Why? I think my under-utilised and disorganised wardrobe is the problem.  Considering how much storage space I have, it's disappointing indeed that my wardrobe is in such a state of disarray.

In the bedroom there is a big built-in which is 3 metres long and about 2.5 metres high with lots of hanging space, a 4 drawer chest of draws, a six drawer tall boy and 3 medium IKEA Billy bookcases (with doors) in which I keep all of my shoes. In the hallway there is the same sized built-in as in the bedroom, but apart from one short hanging rail for coats, it is all shelving - perfect for linen and household items (and handbags!) etc. Add to this my IKEA Pax in the spare room! 

I have set myself a goal to get through the majority of my culling (including selling) prior to Christmas, so that over my break (a blissful 3 weeks off work!) I can organise my wardrobe and the rest of the house (don't even get me started...).
I'm thinking about organising all my clothes by occasion.  This meaning, that all my work and everyday wear will be stored in the bedroom wardrobe and all the off-season and "going out" items of clothing will be moved into my IKEA Pax.  I have decided that shoving aside party dresses (that are worn only a few times a year) each morning is not conducive to getting dressed for work quickly, nor coming up with brilliant outfit ideas the night before.  I think I struggle because my eyes are overwhelmed with choice - and not all appropriate choices.  Furthermore I plan to hang everything back grouped by type - eg. pants, skirts, tops etc grouped together.

Ideally EVERY item of my clothing would be hung, however because I have to share the bedroom closet with my boyfriend, it can't be. And although it could all be hung in the IKEA Pax, I do not want to store everyday wear in the spare room.  I just know that if I do this, clothing will end up on the floor of the bedroom once worn - simply because I will be too lazy to go into another room to put it away (I know I'm hopeless).

Also I am going to "archive" the few pieces of clothing that I want to keep but that I no longer wear (be it too small or not fashionable anymore). By archiving clothing I mean to place in a space bag and then hide it out of sight. This is another trick to hopefully streamline the contents of my everyday wardrobe so that the only items before my eyes each day are the ones that can be worn.

Image source: watondesign.com


  1. It's an excellent idea. I grouped all my work clothes together and it streamlines the entire process in the mornings. Plus, I keep a minimal color palette that all coordinates with each other. I like having a cohesive, functional work capsule. But I'm still pretty lazy when it comes to house work, I still haven't gotten my closet together since I came back from vacation and that was over a month ago! Yikes. I have a few days off and I'm in a purging mood...so maybe I'll accomplish some things. Good luck with your organizing.

  2. A beautifully organised wardrobe is heaven! The way you're going to organise it sounds great, I'm sure it will make it very easy to get dressed of a morning! I don't organise my wardrobe that way as I mix my casual outfits and work outfits quite often, but I have everything sorted by type, and by colour, which makes it easier. My lovely boyfriend lets me have the whole wardrobe to myself too, which helps ;)

    Looking forward to seeing pics when it's all done! x

  3. this is a great project! i have fantasies of having an entire room devoted to clothes and accessories, though organized to the letter. living in nyc and having a tiny closet has actually been the best trick to keeping things pared down :)