I wasn't kidding when I wrote that my next purchase would be a new bicycle...

Ok, ok you got me! I have delineated and bought a few new things to wear before I bought the bike (but no bottoms as promised to myself).  Nevertheless though, and most importantly I did like I said and I bought a bike to help me loose a few pounds (ok, more than a few).

The first ride on the new bike was from the bike shop to home - about 12 kms (that's 7.5 miles). I have a sore bottom now... and here I thought I had a lot of padding in that area! Clearly not enough, so my next purchase will most definitely be a pair of padded bike pants.


  1. Love this! I would love a bike, but Manhattan traffic scares me a bit. Happy riding!

  2. GOOD ON YOU! 12km is huuuuuuuuuuge I'm so impressed. I'm too scared to ride a bike in Sydney :(

  3. Traffic scares me too! I have no way near enough confidence to go on the roads. On Sunday we took the back streets and the bike track... I think I will be sticking to bike tracks for a while :)