The cull diary - the big pre-Summer cull

A few weeks ago I wrote that I had spent an entire day culling. I basically emptied the entire contents of my wardrobe and then tried each item on to determine whether it was staying or going.  I'm far from finished as that weekend I only managed to sort through my wardrobe.  When I get around to the culling AND the writing, I will document the items culled from my shoe closet (IKEA Billy bookcases), chest of drawers and tall boy.

That weekend I culled:
  • 1 black skirt (chain store bargain)
  • 5 pairs of pants
  • 15 dresses (mostly Summer party dresses, but a few well worn workhorses too). 
Number of pieces culled that weekend: 21
Cull tally since starting this blog: 81

I ashamedly admit that many of the items that I culled are now too small on me presently, albeit most were well worn *phew*.  I did notice however that out of the six bottoms I culled, only two pairs of pants could be classed as "pre-loved", the other three pairs of pants hardly worn (read: two pairs of pants were NEVER worn).  The skirt was an impulse purchase off a Witchery sale rack.  I remember that I forced myself to wear it a few times last Summer, only to discover that - yes, there was a reason why the whole range of sizes was still available even though the skirt was 80% off RRP...

The Twilight Zone

Upon finishing my cull I had a few pieces floating around in what I will refer to as "the twilight zone". I was very undecided about whether or not to officially throw the items on the cull pile:
  • Kate Sylvester black military detail linen dress
  • Veronika Maine cream shift dress
  • Witchery grey linen blend pants
  • T.L. Wood black silk shift dress
  • T.L. Wood khaki linen 'safari' suit
The reasons why these items survived the cull is because these pieces totally represent my style... (unfussed and easy to wear) but the only thing stopping me from wearing these pieces tomorrow - are my giant hips! I hope that one day (I give myself until 1 March 2012) I can fit into these items again.  After all, without hope, we have nothing...
I also decide to "archive" a few pieces (I mentioned this in my last post about how I plan to organise my wardrobe).  These are the pieces which hold sentimental value to me. A separate post me thinks!


  1. i have been culling for about six months now (i didn't do my summer things until the summer arrived) and have found the use of a "twilight zone" quite good. although it's not as satisfying to get rid of things one piece at a time, i will put items "on notice" and if they don't impress me within a month to three months, then they're off. in a silly way, it kind of helps me say goodbye to an item of clothing that i did perhaps once upon a time love, but no longer fits/not in my style now.

    i like your blog by the way. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting nyssa! My twilight zone represents the pieces I still LOVE A LOT, but can't fit my butt into RIGHT NOW! A lot of the other pieces I culled also fall into the don't-fit-over-my-butt category, but alas I decided to let go because they are either not my style (anymore) or just worn to death (but still in my wardrobe because clearly I am a hoarder). I think that in the future I will implement the use of the 'twilight zone' for items in my wardrobe that are not quite gelling with the rest of the items.