When bad things happen to good clothes...

It's a sad day here at mycatssaymeow.  My beloved Country Road metallic linen cropped jacket split at the back seam today. This is the second time that the seam has split in this location.  It was kindly repaired late last year by my boyfriend's mother.  She said to me to be very careful when wearing it as the back seam was a flat seam and there was not much (read: no) give in the fabric. I tried and I failed...

It makes me very sad to see this jacket damaged like this. This prized piece has miraculously survived multiple wardrobe culls to make way for new less shiny things which are probably long gone now anyway.  This jacket has clearly been a staple in my wardrobe, but it seems that the end is near for this wardrobe trooper... It seems that when I do wear my clothes, I really do WEAR them!

Seeing my treasured jacket in this dismal state made me realise today that it's one of a handful of pieces that that I have truly "worn out".  It joins my Witchery black skinny jeans, Witchery black leather biker jacket, Marc Jacobs black leather pointy flats and heels in the same design, Country Road black leather biker boots, Country Road grey wool shift dress and Country Road black silk dress - all of which have been worn out in the last 12 months.  The difference though between this Country Road metallic linen cropped jacket and the aforementioned pieces, is that this special jacket cannot be replaced with something similar because it was more a 'statement' staple rather than a 'basic' staple.

Having previously been a hopeless shopaholic, there were times I would on-sell items before even wearing them once(!), nevermind actually wearing items out to the point of having to discard them!  Now that I'm actually wearing my clothing I am discovering that things really do wear out! (Haha, do I sound like a nutcase?) I've been asking myself today, how do people who maintain only a capsule wardrobe deal with things wearing out on a year to year basis? Especially if all that some people buy are well considered 4-5 pieces, if for example they follow the 4-5 piece French wardrobe method of dressing.  Do these people actually wear their clothes, like properly, like to work and grocery shopping? Am I just doing (wearing) it wrong?

So now I am sans my favourite summer weight jacket but the air-con has kicked in and my office is akin to an ice box. Although these last few months have taught me not to make do anymore when shopping, I can't be too discerning about what I buy because I'm missing my staple (and I'll freeze). Agh, what to do?  The conundrums of an ideal wardrobe builder...

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  1. Oh no, how devastating :( Is it not able to be fixed? At least you can get some pride out of the fact you literally wore it to death! x

  2. so sad! maybe keep an eye out on ebay? :(

  3. aelie - I think I will take it to a dress maker to have it fixed and maybe re-made... this is how much I love it.

    love at first type - I have already saved searches on eBay! Hopefully someone sells one :)

  4. first of all, i love your blog template! :)

    god, i am sorry! i had something happen to a favorite blouse years ago and am still regretting throwing it out after the tailor laughed at me about it's salvagability. i wouldn't say i'm as extreme as the french 4-5 item wardrobe when it comes to planning my wardrobe. i haven't had too many instances of stuff falling apart (though i don't baby anything, either). perhaps it had something to do with the material of the jacket?

  5. That's so sad, I'm sorry for your loss! I know your pain :( I sometimes wonder the same about people with capsule wardrobes, which is why I haven't tried one yet (or maybe that's just an excuse!). I wear out my clothes quite quickly, and that's with a lot of rotation, so I can just imagine how often I'd have to replace my clothes if I only had a few pieces.

  6. miss sophie - I wasn't too sure about the template at first, but I think I'm getting used to it now :)
    The jacket is about 5 years old and well worn... I guess nothing lasts forever :(

    riotersbloc - Yeah, the thing I also wonder about it is laundry and dry cleaning... what do you do when your only coat is at the dry cleaners? I'm not sure if I can say I wear out my clothes quickly, but they sure do get worn properly. The stuff I wear to work gets worn for 12+ hours straight, I walk in the outfit, catch public transport in the outfit and even do grocery shopping in it! Definitely not precious about stuff. I should work for Choice magazine and road test clothes lol.