Worthless possessions

The things in your life that you do not need (use) are worthless.  Make this your mantra.

These items are WORTHLESS no matter how much money you spent on them... until of course you manage to sell them on eBay!

I ask you - what would you rather... racks of clothing that you do not wear? Or a few dollars to buy something that you NEED in your life?

Granted, eBay is not like is used to be.  I was disheartened to see a Country Road knit sell for a $1... but a $1 here and $20 there and before you know it you have some serious spending money to play with. I was shocked to see that my eBay grand total for the last 60 days came close to $1,500.00!

I've got so much more to sell, and I must say that seeing the total tally has really encouraged me to get on with an otherwise arduous task.

ACNE Pistols here I come!


  1. That's incredible! Congrats! Maybe one day I'll be motivated enough to do the same with my wardrobe... Although I reckon it'll bring in $200 max :P

  2. Yeah, I really surprised myself! You really must motivate yourself. It's well worth it, even if some of the money does go towards bills :) I'm just selling chain store brand items, a designer piece here and there. Funnily enough 2 pairs of US designer shoes I listed went unsold on both occasions - go figure.