Binge Shopping & Shopping Bulimia

Do you suffer or have you ever suffered from either of these ailments?

Binge shopping is a type of dysfunctional shopping characterised by recurrent episodes of unrestrained shopping.  During such binges, a person buys excessive amounts of "stuff" that they do not need.  Most people who partake in shopping binges try to hide this behaviour from others.  For example, a person might leave shopping bags in the boot of the car, only to bring them inside when those who they live with are asleep or not around.  Another way of hiding their affliction is to lie about it... "What? This old thing!?"

Binge shoppers often feel ashamed about buying too much or depressed about their shopaholism.  To counteract these feelings of doom and gloom, some adopt compensatory behaviour such as shopping bulimia.  This is when the sufferer comes to the inevitable realisation that they have purchased too much or they do not need said items.  Said items are purged (returned to the store).

At times this behaviour is not immediate.  A morbidly obese wardrobe results, which can only be cured by grueling marathon eBay sessions..........................................

I thought I had gotten over my bs/sb, but in the past month I confess that I have momentarily relapsed.  This behaviour needs to stop! 

I have already "purged" a pair of Stewart Weitzman boots.  I have done the same to a pair of Tony Biano ankle boots that I bought cheap.  Although great bargains, both were just lying about languishing in their shopping bags. Neither was perfect or what I'm really looking for.


  1. I'm a shopping bulimiac too :( I binge shopped like crazy in July, and now I'm returning some things I bought out of guilt and shame. I don't know what I was thinking!

  2. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog several weeks ago! Sorry to visit here so late. I had a total "oh no, I've done that" moment with the hiding tactics or not admitting when something is new! I'm still in the process of doing an ebay clear out, and it is not fun. Good luck with your wardrobe project!

  3. I've seen people that have these behaviors really bad, especially with online shopping.