Wardrobe Culling Denial

Some of the thoughts I have found myself thinking when attempting wardrobe culling in the past:

1. I'm going to keep it in case it fits again. In fact I'm sure I could do it up if I buy a minimizing bra!

2. I'm going to keep it because I might finally buy something that will actually go with it. It's a daggy prairie skirt that I bought in 2003 - but fashion is cyclical, right?

3. I'm going to keep it because it will be good for wearing around the house... when bleaching the bathroom for example...

4. Although I have never worn this, there is no way I can get rid of this because I paid way too much for it... (even though I am filled with great regret each time I open my wardrobe and see it hanging there).

5. I haven't worn this in years, but I might wear it again... maybe?


  1. I'm sort of on #4, something expensive that never quite works on me on top of that it's been damaged and altered. But I think I've resolved to sell it on ebay. Something is better than nothing right?

  2. Eurgh I have a couple of no. 4 pieces that ive worn once and never again. The most expensive dress ive ever bought for one. Should never have bought it online without trying it on! Regret!!! :(

  3. Ladies, most definitely sell these items on eBay. You will feel so much better for it. I have gotten rid of so many things in the past couple of months, although some items have gone for less than I would have liked, I do not miss them and I am GLAD to see them gone out of my wardrobe and my life!

  4. No. 4 is the one that haunts me because otherwise I don't mind getting rid of basics I no longer use. The big problem is those mid-priced clothes which can't be sold by consignment and yet don't seem right for the charity store bin. Swapping?