Items I enjoy wearing vs those that drive me mad

I'm trying to sort out in my head the types of clothes I should be buying and those that simply won't get worn - no matter what label, how cheap or how expensive...

Items I enjoy wearing

1. SKINNY JEANS.  I wear these only on weekends and on causal days as I work in a corporate office. I'm especially partial to Nudie High Kais as there is nothing worse than sitting down in the vicinity of another human being and exposing one's plumber's crack.  Unfortunately, my pair is a tad too small now, so a little diet and exercise is required.  On a side note I've noticed that Nudie Jeans Co have recently reduced their RRP for this style in Australia - $199, down from $240... Not quite inline with US RRP but getting there.

2. BOOTS. In all shapes and forms.  I have many that I don't wear anymore because they are too high and make my feet very unhappy.  I have recently sold a few pairs and there are more which need to go and others which will be donated to charity once I bring myself to part with them (yes, I'm suffering from wardrobe culling denial again).  Something tells me that time is now, given this week's outrageous boot splurge (post in the works).

3. BIG HANDBAGS. Especially for work. It's not like I carry around everything but the kitchen sink - but I like having the option.  Importantly though, the bag needs to fit A4 in case I need to take work home with me.

4. DRESSES. What's not to like about putting on a single item of clothing and being most of the way dressed?  70% of the time I am wearing a dress.

5. LEATHER JACKET. I can tell I enjoy wearing mine because it's literally falling apart before my eyes *sad face* (I've owned it for many years).  A new jacket will me on my US shopping list when I visit in the new year. 

Items I dislike wearing 

1. LOW RISE PANTS. I'm going to drive home the point. There is nothing worse than 'muffin top' and plumber's crack!  I get both when I wear low rise pants.

2. TIGHT TOPS/DRESSES.  Although I'm not over weight, I'm not skinny. I have a "cute" little pudgy stomach. It's always been there. I feel self-conscious when I wear tight fitting garments. So much so, I own a pair of Nancy Gantz for those occasions when I wear tight dresses ;)

3. VERY HIGH HEELS ON AN EVERYDAY BASIS. I used to be one of those girls who wore high heels to work EVERYDAY.  I felt like the biggest dag in flats. Neighbours would comment that they knew my comings and goings because my heels would click clack on the footpaths. Sadly, sometime in the last two years my feet decided not to like high heels anymore (as much as I like them and think they look great), I only wear them when I go "out" now.

4. COTTON SHIRTS. Although they look wonderful on - I hate ironing, especially the sleeves!  Surely there is an invention out there to make this job easier!  Having worked in fashion retail during my studies, I found steamers to be quite good. A domesic steamer may be the next appliance on my home shopping list, as I'd love to wear crisp cotton shirts some more.

5. SHORT SLEEVED T-SHIRTS. Although I know this is classed as one of those "classic" items that makes up a basic wardrobe, I've never really found one that fits the bill.  Rather than elude effortless style, I elude the look of I've-made-no-effort. The closest I have come to finding something that suits is the Dion Lee for Cue white tee that I bought a few months back. Not your classic white tee, but a white tee nonetheless - will crack it out come warmer weather.

Items I can't stop buying nonetheless 

The one item on my dislike list that in the past I could not stop buying are high heeled shoes. I may or may not be a bit of a shoe addict... As a result I have quite the collection now! This year in making my ideal wardrobe resolution, I have vowed to myself not to buy anymore.  If the shoe can't be walked in between home and the tram stop - it does not get bought! (There I said it).


  1. I used to be able to do high heels all the time too :/ Now I'm mostly wearing flats. I cleared out 3 pairs of heels due to quality/comfort issues. I'm ruining my nice heels by wearing them to work and I don't have much occasion to wear them casually--so at this point in my life I don't need to be buying anymore heels. But I'm not much of a shoe person anyway.

  2. -ps. I would recommend Brooks Brothers non iron shirts. They really do work. Also a garment steamer is definitely worth the investment. My really good Rowenta died out on me after almost 5 years. I have a cheaper Conair now, but it works (and better than 2 other more expensive ones I bought)--plus I'm not in the mood to spend $100+ on a steamer again.

  3. You are so right about heels, they should be able to get you at least a short distace : )


  4. Perhaps to get your high heeled shoes back into the first category, you could leave certain shoes at work? I used to have at least 5 pairs under my desk, and up to 3 costume changes a day... ;)

  5. Hi K! I posted a reply to your comment in my Olivia Palermo post. Your wardrobe culling is truly inspiring! I really must follow suit, and keeping so, and only dabble half heartedly now and then *sigh* Was so surprised to find your blog via Pret a Porter's! :) Hope you're well!

  6. Prêt à Porter P - I just can't handle seeing these shoes standing there and not getting worn. I imagine how great it would be if I could just sell them and get something that I know I will wear. Having said that I have already listed a few pairs on eBay tonight. Regarding the steamer, back in my retail days I used a JIFFY - it was fantastic. Unfortunately, very expensive here in Australia. Will check out this Conair one if I can find it here. Will look out for Brooks Brothers also. Thanks :)

    Michelle & Shopparama - last week I took a pair of high heels to work to change into... All I did was take a single step to my desk and I injured my foot! Couldn't even make it to the photocopier after that... I was limping for a day around for a whole day :(

    Brigadeiro - You really must get into the culling! It's so worth it and it feels so good to see all the duds slowly being weeded out (although I doubt you have any ;) )! I'm wardrobe building from scratch having not bought much for the past 3 years. I don't like most of my old stuff and the items I do like no longer fit :( It may seem like I'm going mental with the shopping lately, but I'm trying to use mostly eBay proceeds.

  7. I agree with you. I love wearing dresses. It makes getting dressed so easy!

    Prêt à Porter P is right. the handheld steamer is so worth it.

  8. I agree, Jiffys are the best. But take too long to heat up--as I steam minutes before I have to be out the door. This is the Conair I have. It was a pain to assemble, and the plastic parts seem a little cheap, and the stand isn't metal so it can't support anything too heavy (but I use a hanging rod on the door anyway). But does the job--much better than a Hamilton Beach (leaking underneath the base) and a Sienna (rubber hose gave off a strong odor) that I had to return.

  9. Lindsay K - I'm on the look out for work and causal dresses.

    Prêt à Porter P - I looked at the Conair steamer you have. I like the fact that it comes with the hanger and the clips. There was also a new release Phillips one that is slightly higher wattage than the Conair. I'm waiting for a sale now :)