Pieces I've worn to death this Winter

Although I clearly do not have a minimalist wardrobe (!), I certainly have been very minimal in my dressing over the past 6 months... and it hasn't really been by choice, more by reason of circumstance.

These are some of the pieces that I have worn a lot over the past 6 months:

By Malene Birger black knit, Country Road beige knit, Country Road black dress, Adam dress, Saba studded bag, Tony Bianco wedge booties, Chloe Heloise (my work bag), Witchery over the knee boots (worn almost daily since I bought them), Country Road jeggings (worn when my black skinny jeans are in the wash) and Country Road biker boots (on their last legs).

Add to this a few pieces that are not pictured including, a black Country Road Scarf, a red Country Road paisley dress, a black Cue knit dress, a pair of Cue black pants, a black Witchery leather biker jacket (needs replacing), black Witchery skinny jeans (need replacing), a black Cue top (that I adore - it will be a sad day when this piece dies) and a black Country Road blazer (needs replacing).

Yes, I wear a lot of black most of the time...

My go-to accessories have been a Cue studded cuff and some nude pink Witchery beads (until the cats destroyed them).

A special mention goes to the Saba studded bag - although a real impulse buy (I bought it to wear to a wedding thinking it would never be worn after that), surprisingly I wear it almost every weekend.

Own collage, images source: Country Road, Witchery, Saba, Net-a-Porter, Tony Bianco


  1. I'm not surprised, they're all great pieces! I wonder if Country Road have any of those dresses left? I'm a sucker for gathered shoulders etc. because they make me look slimmer... or so I tell myself.

  2. You might have to go to one of their outlet stores. It came in the first Winter drop. I have worn it a lot... work and out. It has proven to be very versatile :)

  3. I like your collection of knits especially.

  4. P - I actually find knits the hardest to buy. Plus they only get worn on weekends so they are now on the official do not buy list until I'm in the US in December - where hopefully I will pick up something fab :)