What I wore to dinner last night

In the past (read: pre saving deposit and buying a home) I almost never immediately wore the things I bought unless I bought the item because I NEEDED it (yes, I bought many things I did not need). Needless to say, what resulted was a wardrobe full of clothes with tags still on. I do not want to fall in to this habit again! I really want to make sure that each item I buy will be well worn (apart from the odd special occasion piece).

Casual (but stylish) knits and a pair of blue skinnies have been missing in my wardrobe... hence after buying both items this week I could not wait to wear them.

Images source: Country Road, Witchery and La Gagarconne

I've admired taupey suede ankle boots a la Isabel Marant's "Dicker" from afar for a while now, but I've never been sure whether I could make them work for me (hence I have not invested in the real thing). So when I came across the Witchery knock-offs for a steal, I could not go past them. So far I am loving them. They are very comfortable and provide a nonchalant look...not sure if I'll buy the real thing.

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  1. This is a nice casual outfit. If your Witchery boots have a quality and comfort that you're happy with, I don't see any need for you to "invest" in the Marant ones.