My Ideal Wardrobe: Finding the time to cull

Since making the decision to do something about my jam packed wardrobe, I must admit that I have been very distracted by it and longing to fix it. Finding the time to do so however is problematic.  If I'm not at work, I'm out somewhere.

Unluckily for me I've had a very average week health wise. I've now developed a horrendous cough, so cancelled all social arrangements.  This of course means free time to cull!

All day today has been spent ironing and photographing.  Sadly though I haven't even opened my wardrobe yet!  I'm only just now getting around to sorting out the items I culled a couple of months ago!

This evening will be spent listing a pile of items on eBay and later on I will peer into that wardrobe of mine to see what is lurking in the shadows - stuff I've forgotten about I'm sure!  Like for example today I uncovered my "to fix/mend box" in the spare room.  Inside was a pair of brand new with tags CUE pants (that I bought at the full price it seems... I guess I really wanted them?).  I'll be damned if I can remember buying these pants... I honestly can't.

Part of my motivation to spend all weekend culling and listing, is my trip to Melbourne next week.  I plan to buy a few things.  I'm mindful though of buying more things I do not need.  To prevent this from happening, tomorrow I plan compile a list of the contents of my wardrobe and the missing pieces.  It's actually never felt this good to be housebound and sick :)


  1. Lol forgetting you have bought something? Jeepers girl! I find that sometimes culling is best done in short bursts. I did mine over a long period of time, but kept going back every day, or a couple times a day, just looking into my wardrobe (I am lucky that everything is hanging) and then going okay so I don't need this. Might not work for everyone but I found that approach helped me.

  2. I know! Don't make me feel so bad about it! They were bought during a binge shopping phase years ago... those days are over - just dealing with the aftermath now.