My Ideal Wardrobe: Recognising that I have a problem

In reading the Vogue Forums, I came across the recommendation to read the blog Dead Fleurette.  After reading this blog, I am more inspired than ever to build up this "capsule" wardrobe of mine! (My "ideal" wardrobe.)

This post especially hit home and made me realise that I have lost sight of what I set out to achieve.  I thought to help me cement why I've got problems, I would answer the questions asked by Fleurette in that post for myself. 

1. Do you cluelessly rummage though the closet in order to find something adequate to wear every single morning?
Yes! Actually if I don't rummage through my wardrobe the night before to plan my outfit for the next day, there is a chance that I might not make it to work on time!  Some nights if I happen not to lay the next day's outfit out, I lay awake anxiously thinking whether I'll be able to find something to wear the next day. 

2. Do you only wear the fresh and clean clothes directly from the dryer? 
Sort of.  If I happen not to do the laundry one weekend, it's not like I'll have a shortage of clothes to wear in the coming week... but I do find that week-in and week-out, I'm washing the same things over and over.  This question has made me realise that although I have a lot of clothes and shoes, most don't get worn on a regular basis.  Further it is clear that the clothes that get washed over and over are the items that I must love or at least are the clothes that suit me. 

3. Do you constantly purchase new clothes because you feel like you don't have anything to wear, even though your closet is jam-packed with superfluous items?
I think the first part of this question about constantly purchasing items is true for the old me.  I used to work in fashion retail and each week my whole pay would go back to my employer! Although I don't constantly purchase clothes anymore - in fact it is only in the past two months that I started shopping again.  To answer the question though, yes - my closet is jam-packed with superfluous items and this is why I have decided to do something about it.  I'm hoping that the shopping I do from now on will be for the things I need and for things which fit in with the rest of my wardrobe and my life. 

4. Do you wear the same items over and over again despite the fact that your closet does not lack other clothes?
Yes. I am constantly wearing the same thing over and over.  I must remember when shopping for clothes, the things I enjoy wearing.  Too often I buy things without thinking it through.  Or take risks with colours even though it is clear to all who know me that I like neutrals - black especially, followed by grey.  Why on earth then did I recently buy a khaki green work dress over the grey one?  I have since worn the khaki dress once. Although I like the colour, I have problems styling it.  Why I bought the dress in this colour, is a mystery to me. 

5. Do you find yourself surrounded by clothes and clothing stores all the time?  
Yes - every lunch break when I go for my "walk".

6. Would you like to trade all your bad quality clothes and the numerous shopping trips with the designer bag of your dream?
I wouldn't necessarily trade everything for a designer bag (been there done, done that), but I would trade everything for quality items that work together, that I enjoy wearing, that make me look good and feel good.

As I said in my first post - this blog is about helping me find my style mojo again... in answering these questions I've figured out how I lost it in the first place!


  1. Haha, your lunch time "walk" sounds a lot like my morning / lunch time / afternoon "stroll".

  2. I can completely relate to your answers to questions 1 through to 4! But honestly, I don't think I could have a capsule wardrobe or even want one. Definitely want to wear a lot more of the items in my wardrobe though, and I'm thinking that if this shopping ban goes according to plan I'll have to force myself to be creative with my existing clothes...

  3. shopparama - I very much enjoy my "walks" ... and you see, if I don't go out during my lunch break then there is more of a chance that I will spend money online! ;)

    riotersbloc - I think everyone's idea of a capsule wardrobe is different... I already own white shirts and a trench, which I find I don't wear often! I have an idea of what I would like my "capsule wardrobe" to be and it will be interesting to see it develop over the coming months.

    Ps. I'm definitely not going to stop buying shoes!

  4. God how good is DF right? And that Vogue thread has been pretty helpful too I've found. Good to see you've recognised you wear the same things over and over, took me a long time!