The Cull Diary - Winter summarised

I've lost count of what I've culled and what I've bought since I returned from my US holiday in after Easter, so this post is an attempt to summarise my wardrobe goings on for the past few of months. After I'm done with this post I will recommence normal programming and restart documenting my wardrobe journey. I must admit I have lost my way a little. I guess you could even go as far as to say that I have been a little bit schizophrenic when it comes to my wardrobe culling and shopping lately... hearing voices and stuff:  

"K, you don't NEED to buy that!"
"K, why haven't you worn this dress you bought in the US yet?"
"K, don't go for one of your lunchtime 'walks' you know it will only result in spending your money."
"K, yes it's a bargain, but do you really NEED all three colours?"
"K, you should really get off your butt and re-cull your shoe collection."
"K, your eBay items are not going to photograph themselves..." 

I could go on and on.

Apart from the bow belts and tweed peplum skirt (which I wrote about this post), I also bought enough to fill half a wardrobe from Cue during their sales including a few items for this coming Summer.  So in short my wardrobe is full again!

My wardrobe DOES NOT look like this anymore :(

As per my 'one in one out' culling strategy this year, to make room for these new additions I have culled the following items:

  • WITCHERY snakeskin pumps... too high;
  • TONY BIANCO wedge booties... not worn these since I bought my ACNE pistols;
  • MOLLINI button detail booties... not worn a long time;
  • CUE:DION LEE slit sleeve blazer... it's impeccably cut, but the sleeve slits were just too weird for me;
  • COUNTRY ROAD black silk dress... it tore;
  • COUNTRY ROAD animal print silk dress... it tore;
  • WITCHERY animal print dress... not cut right for my bootylicious booty;
  • GORMAN grey dress... I tried to wear it again after it went AWOL for a couple of years, but I changed into something else each time as it was not quite right anymore;
  • GORMAN black dress...same dress as above but in black - so ditto;
  • ZAYT black cigarette pants... great fit but to think that I will ever fit into them is a pipe dream; and
  • CUE black bow detail skirt... it didn't make me feel great anymore when I wore it.

Looking at this very short list I'm not certain whether I managed to strictly adhere to my 'one in one out' rule (because as I said my wardrobe is FULL again).

My original idea was to blog about each new item I bought and the resulting cull item at the same time, but LIFE got in the way of that as much as I enjoy keeping this blog.  When I say LIFE I mainly mean house hunting over the weekends (that's EVERY weekend - agh!).  Also my boyfriend and I are now experts at losing auctions ... let me know if you need any tips.


  1. I was just looking at the picture of the wardrobe and thinking "what's wrong with that?" until I read the caption - my wardrobe no longer looks like that. Phew. You're human. But if mine was anywhere near like yours even with a 25% addition to it - I'd be over the moon despite feeling like I had nothing to wear any more. Your wardrobe is very finely edited compared to mine.

    And the voices in the head - I think they must be the same ones that visit me .... frequently. I especially want to stamp on the one "your Ebay items are not going to photograph themselves". I so know that one.

    1. Sue I have not done a proper cull since February. I have only shopped... Definetely due for a Spring clean as it was nice to have a wardrobe like the one pictured for a while.

      I think I need to listen to my voices...

  2. I'm there with you for the "ebay items are not going to photograph themselves" too...

  3. This sounds exactly like my own internal debate. I've been consistently culling my wardrobe and it just stays the same size, yet I continue to shop. Clearly a problem.why is it that we just like to shop? I've been thinking lately that life would be so much easier off didn't have to worry about shopping!

    1. I hear you! I'm determined to get myself sorted out before the end of this year. I have a big cull planned. Just need to find the time. I think it will help also that I dislike the majority of whats in the shops this season.

  4. "your eBay items are not going to photograph themselves.." my voice says that too.
    On a side note, my friend hears my voice in her head, telling her not to buy things. LOL!

  5. I go through stages of empty closet then sudden;y full closet too! I'm sure I don't need half the stuff I buy! ha ha :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. I would love to get out of the habit of buying things I don't need. Just reading the sentence that I just wrote and realising how silly it actually is to buy stuff that one does not need inspires me :)