Additions - Hello Robert Clergerie Platform Sandals, Goodbye Mimco Wedge Booties...

I bought these Robert Clergerie platform sandals the other day:

I couldn't go past them given the bargain basement price and especially since the black version of the same shoe was still ticketed at $755! They are quite comfy and stable to walk in... and now all of a sudden I can't wait for Summer again.

As per my culling strategy this year, to make room on my IKEA Billy shoe shelves for this new acquisition, I culled some Mimco wedge booties... they are listed on eBay already... along with a few other things.


  1. The RCs seem like a major upgrade for sure! Good on you for sticking to your word.

    I've suddenly realized I want to try and cut down on some things I need to pay off so doing a major cull of shoes, and some other things in my wardrobe. Sad, but necessary!

  2. It looks like you made an excellent choice!