A culling and de-cluttering distraction

Last week I ordered some Insolia All Day Heels shoe inserts after meaning to do so for months. The free shipping offer and reduced price for a pack of four really sealed the deal for me.

I received my inserts on Monday and I'm now very excited to try them. I must say receiving packages at work makes the day so much more bearable.  Note to self: must do more online shopping ;)

As they cannot be switched from shoe to shoe I will pick quite a classic pair of heels suitable for work as my test pair... I'm thinking a pair D&G pumps which I haven't worn for ages due to the heel height, but haven't culled due to their perennial classicism.

Although I am hoping that the inserts work to make these shoes more comfortable, I hope not so well that I regret culling all my high heels!

I have accustomed myself to wearing flats or mid-heel boots lately, but I can't help but think that high heels look so much better with some outfits.  I will report back of course on my thoughts about these hopefully miracle inserts.


  1. Ooh, look forward to hearing more about these insoles, and whether they 'work'!

  2. Can't wait for your report back:)

  3. They will change your life, they're amazing. Just be sure to play around with the positioning to make sure it's correct, and you're good to go!

  4. I got some inserts for my shoes (not heels) and it made a world of difference. Hope yours did too :)