Where the culled things go...

I don't know what took me so long, but I have finally decided to link my eBay seller's page to this blog..

Now you can actually see for yourself exactly what it is that I'm culling and selling and the true extent of my past shopping addiction.  I say this jokingly of course.  I was never an addict - just footloose and fancy free when it came to shopping.

I'm not encouraging you to buy my stuff (but please do if you see something that will fill a gap in your life)... instead I'm encouraging you to looking inside all of the nooks and crannies of your house (starting with your wardrobe) and to purge everything that does not add value to your life.  Sell all of this accumulated "stuff" and instead add value to your savings account.


  1. i agree! you're really inspiring here!

  2. hehe i hope all your culled items find new homes soon! it's quite a happy feeling when you've parted ways with things and made someone else's wardrobe a bit more complete!

  3. i am quite footloose and fancy free myself, when it comes to perusing wares. i should be smarter, and think about how to re-purpose, gift, or sell the things i no longer need!