The ultimate packing list - in my makeup and toiletry bag

I have this zany idea to only pack sample sizes or almost finished cosmetics when I go overseas (in less than 3 weeks time now) - idea being that I can bin each item as I polish it off leaving room for newly acquired items (make-up wishlist post is under construction).  So really this make-up and toiletry bag packing list is only suitable for those who plan on splurging on beauty products on their holiday or those who use minimal cosmetics.

Sample size me!

I will be packing the following cosmetics:

Foundation and tinted moisturiser.  I have a small sample tube of Stila Sheer Colour Moisturiser.  I may or may not take the remnants of my current foundation depending on if there is any left. 

Biotherm Light Catch concealer.  I think by the time March rolls around it will be almost finished.

Make Up For Ever loose powder.  I have been using this for years - as in I bought it when this brand was still sold in David Jones and I question every time I use it whether my face will fall of that day.  It hasn't fallen off so I guess it's ok.

MAC eyeliner.  I will probably take a brown one as it is softer for day.

Clinique High Impact mascara.  This is the current mascara that I am using.  Come the end of my holiday it will be four months since I opened it (shock horror - I will have used it for longer than the obligatory three month self life once opened).  I will replace it with a new mascara at some stage during my travels.

MAC lipstick.  I will probably take the shade "Fanfare" with me, as it is a good everyday shade.  It also looks great for evening with thick layer of shiny gloss over the top.

I am taking the bare minimum make-up brushes with me - the MAC 217 blending brush for eyeshadow and the MAC 187 duo fibre brush, which I use for powder.  I am undecided at this stage whether to pack a blush brush... hmm.

Note, that I am packing no eye shadows or blushes as I will purchase both products on my holiday.  Although I wear blush on a daily basis, I can totally do without it.  If I do get absolutely desperate for cheek colour, I can use my lipstick.

I am packing the following toiletries:  
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Dry shampoo (travel sized)
  • Eye makeup remover (deluxe sized sample from Biotherm)
  • Cleanser (deluxe sized sample from Biotherm)
  • Moisturiser (deluxe sized sample from Biotherm)
  • Eye serum (sample from Clinique)
  • Comb
  • Hair ties
  • A hairpin or two
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Fragrance (a tiny 5ml bottle of Chloe).

Lastly, I have decided to pack my makeup and toiletry bag into my suitcase.  As "Anonymous" commentator pointed out with respect to my last packing post - the less for customs to check through, the better.  Though the few items I specifically listed in that same post (to battle the four Ds) I'm definitely taking on board the plane (unless the powers that be stop me).

Next up my clothing packing list... the most challenging of them all.


  1. double check the dry shampoo -- i can never remember if you can take aerosoles and if you can, where do they go, in checked luggage or carry on.

    sounds like you are perfectly organised. i stocked up on heaps of MAC while i was in the states, and went on a bit of a spree at sephora too! i think the best thing my friend and i did was find sales on excellent drugstore mascaras, that cost $20 here but on sale you can get them for as low as $4, and just buy as many as we could.

    whenever one of us goes back to the states now, we take a sephora and mac shopping list for everyone...!

    1. I am packing all of my cosmetics in my suitcase so it will be checked in. If my luggage gets lost - the more reason to get to a Sephora pronto! :)
      Yes, I cannnot wait to buy cheap MAC etc.
      And yes, already have shopping requests from family and friends.

  2. It's not that crazy...I'm always friendly to sales assistants when I buy stuff and shamelessly ask for samples of their new products - which I squirrel away to use for holidays. I hate bringing full size stuff too because it really adds a lot of weight.

    If I know the shop well I ask them for samples of whatever I'm buying, because I'm not embarrassed anymore. In any case, stores like Sephora and Aesop I find incredibly generous with samples.