The Cull Diary - out with obscurity!

Another day, another cull and I can finally say that my clothing and shoe cull is complete for the time being.

There has been some wardrobe side swapping going on in this household in the last 24 hours - and whilst everything was out of the closet, I thought why not revisit the contents?  I'm glad I did because I was on culling fire!

This is what I managed to cull on this occasion:

More culled clothes!

Come Monday morning (when I go back to work *sigh*), 1 cardigan, 2 coats, 3 skirts, 5 jackets, 10 dresses and 11 tops and blouses that I DON'T wear, will not be getting in the way of me selecting those clothes that I DO want to wear, or hope that I can make work.  That's a further 32 pieces culled from my wardrobe!  This brings my cull tally since starting this blog to 192 items!

I have also archived a number of items (which are not included in the tally) and moved all my evening/party dresses into the wardrobe in the spare room.  I do not want these pieces that are seldom worn (in the case of party dresses) or those that can't be worn (in the case of those pieces that are slightly too small, but which I still love) obscuring those that pieces that can and should be worn.

Accessories - handbags, belts and "jewels" are next.


  1. I find it's easier to group all work clothes together and to stick to a minimal color palette. It streamlines the whole process for me. You are on a roll with the culling! I'm curious but also scared to actually count the items in my wardrobe, esp. since I tend to hold onto shabby tops to wear as house clothes or under-layering pieces. Not to mention that I buy multiples in basic black crew necks.

    1. I actually let go of a few of my shabby layering tops. I think 10 years is a good run :) And I also said goodbye to a number of my "house clothes" that I never wear anyway.
      My wardrobe has never looked neater, and I have identified the gaps.