The Cull Diary - Chest of Drawers and Tallboy

I am starting to feel like the cull will never end...

On Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ to attend and on Sunday afternoon I had to go to a baby shower - both outings resulted in about three outfit changes each.  I am finding it extremely difficult to dress for very casual situations when the heat and humidity creeps up, plus I can't find anything in a hurry - ever.  Things really need their own place around here...

As I frantically searched for my white over-sized tee (which seemed ideal for the weather), out of sheer frustration I ended up dumping the ENTIRE contents of my tallboy and chest of draws on the bed in the spare bedroom (I found the top by the way).

This is what faced me on Monday morning:

BEFORE the cull, plus one of my kitties :)

On Monday afternoon and evening I roughly sorted the clothes into 4 piles:

Piles during the culling process

On Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening, in between doing other (more important) tasks around the house, I carefully sorted each pile and started the additional "rubbish pile" (which I have not photographed).

In the end this is the result of my cull:

The results of my cull

I'm surprised that my "keep pile" is quite large still, but I'm keeping in mind that this pile comprises all of my Summer and Winter knits, tops and tanks etc and that there are a many items in this pile that are well loved and on the cusp of needing replacement soon anyway.  Also on this pile is my entire collection of layering tops and seamless tanks and singlets, which I technically class to be underwear.

I also moved the majority of my white tanks (as they were looking very tired) to the "pyjama pile" and my two green hoodies (which I *hate* by the way, but have nothing else to wear for the moment) to the "active wear pile" (which I did not photograph). 

Here are the cull stats from this round of culling:

Items to be donated to charity - 22
Items to be sold - 24
Items thrown out - 4

Total items culled today - 50!

Cull tally since starting this blog: 160 items!!!  
(Including the two pairs of jeans I culled the other day.) 


  1. Impressive! I managed to sort through a small box of clothes I had stashed in the kitchen (a sign to cull, definitely, lol). I really need to do what you're doing.

  2. Wow, 50 culled items in one day! You're on fire!

    I always find the most items to cull when I'm going through my drawers - as they're out of sight, out of mind, I wear them a lot less than the clothes hanging in my wardrobe. I would love a wardrobe big enough to hang every single item I own so I can see everything at once! x

  3. It feels good to de-clutter! I have yet to drop off my culls.

  4. Quinn - I agree, clothes stashed in the kitchen is not a good sign.

    Quinn & Aelie - I go back to work (work *sigh*) on Monday, so I HAVE to get my cull completed by then. This is a must. Currently on the bed in my spare bedroom is the entire contents of my wardrobe (the hanging rails) again! I'm starting to think that mediocre clothes are like weeds - you need to completely extract them at the root, or they just take over your wardrobe.

    Rebecca - no congratulations in order yet. When I announce that I got through a whole week of my life without staring blankly into my closet, then I can be congratulated :)

    P - I feel like a weight has been lifted off one of my shoulders ;)