The perfect jeans

I love almost everything there is to love about a good pair of jeans.

What I don't like is that I can't wear my jeans to work (with the exception of casual Fridays once a month).

Mysteriously I can find jeans that I end up loving to death, but trousers and pants just languish around in my wardrobe unworn... I want to find pants that fit like jeans.

My Jeans from top to bottom - Ksubi, Nudie, Country Road and Country Road.

This morning I undertook a mini cull and the jeans pictured above are the ones that are staying for now.

I am looking to upgrade both Country Road pairs as they are not PERFECT (but comfy nonetheless).

Culled from my wardrobe were a pair of Witchery black skinnies (loved to death) and a pair of Morrissey beige straight leg jeans (which I planned to wear cuffed, but they are too low-rise).

Waiting in the wings for when I am a size skinnier are two pairs of the most perfect Paper Denim & Cloth jeans and a pair of Nudie jeans like my black in a blue rinse.


  1. I have a pair of Gap Slim Crop Pants that are my pants that fit like jeans. Don't know if you can get Gap in Australia though.

    P.S. I love your sunglasses. They are way out of my budget though.

  2. I second that the Gap Slim crops have a jean like grip.

  3. I love a good pair of jeans, 2 weeks ago I bought 3 pairs in one day. Love the red pair, I'm obsessed with coloured denim at the moment x

  4. Rebecca & Prêt à Porter P - thank you for the tip. No Gap where I live, but they are now definitely on my US shopping list.
    Rebecca - I purchased both pairs on sale heavily reduced... I've had both for years, the MK are sadly needing replacement.

    Aelie - I could live in jeans. Coloured denim is a nice change from the norm in Summer.

  5. Totally agree with culling jeans - I have so many pairs but only wear a few, it's so hard to find the perfect pair!

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