My wardrobe is not all that I'm culling...

My Mum has FINALLY FORCED me to take away all my old magazines that I left behind when I moved out of home. Errr, ok, so it's my Mum that is doing all the culling... :)

I now have stacks of Australian, UK and US Harper's Bazaar, Instyle, Vogue & Elle dating back 3 to 8 years neatly stacked under and beneath my sizable lamp table. I know I should just throw them into the recycling bin without further ado, but before I do that, I can't help but flick through them for anything interesting or inspirational that I may find (such as the Keri Russell feature I blogged about yesterday).

I have already come across some interesting wardrobe planning/organisation and shopping tip articles which I might share on this blog... make it the ultimate culling resource one stop shop!

I'm wondering though if there is a better way to set up this blog for ease of navigation? It's sort of taken on a life of it's own...


  1. I think your blog is well organized as it is.

  2. Your blog is well organized, but I would love to read those articles! They might be a fun supplement to your theme and provide more variety of sources.

    La Copine

  3. I love your blog as is! Lol, sounds like you're not culling magazines so much as accumulating more :P For the time being anyway! ;)