Fashion dysmorphia

Have you ever been so inspired by a magazine feature or editorial, that you go out and buy the pieces in order to try to replicate the look for yourself?

Do you then look in the mirror with despair to realise that what you have come up with looks nothing like what was presented on the glossy pages of the magazine?

These images have been in the back of mind for many years:

Photographs by Pamela Hanson published in Instyle Australia - March 2009 (personal scans)

This Instyle feature inspired me to buy these shoes from Country Road:

For months now they have been sitting around in their box.  Each time I went to put them on I immediately took them off.  Even though they looked awesome in the Country Road catalogue, I felt they looked odd on me. I even thought this when I tried them on in the store (why on Earth did I buy them then?!?).

On Friday last week I said to myself - I HAVE TO WEAR THESE SHOES TODAY.

I wore them... but come lunchtime I had changed into a pair I keep in my cupboard at work. Up until then I had felt like a clown all morning. They just didn't work for me...

I'm not sure though whether I'm suffering from 'fashion dysmorphia' (i.e. my brain is tricking me into thinking I look like a freak) or whether I actually look OK (since Keri and the CR model looked so great)?


  1. No, if every time you put them on you didn't like them--it's one for the Out bin. I've bought things similar to what I've seen in editorials/street style/magazines. Mostly it's what I already want to wear anyway.

  2. I absolutely love your blog! Thank you so much for giving mine a visit. I've also taken your advice and changed my font.

    Good work on the wardrobe culling, its hard but may the force be with you ;)

  3. I actually think I am going to have to go and read back through all old entries (being on holiday it has been hard for me to keep up) to read about your cull! Haha such a small world though that I bought a dress off you on ebay, I imagine that has happened with a number of voguettes though :)
    By the way - how good are the actual IM dickers? I managed to find a pair in NYC in my size and ordered them over the phone and omg, comfiest shoes I have while on my holiday.

  4. Prêt à Porter P - you don't need to tell me ;) already on the cull pile, but I can't help but at least ask the question :)

    British Trash - Thank you! I'm keen to see where you take your blog :)

    Jamie-Lee - I am so happy to hear from you that the shoes are comfy. So far I have only worn them to take out the washing (ha). I was planning to wear them to work last week, but it was raining. It's forecast rain all this week too, so I'm going to have to wait.

  5. I feel the exact same way about a very similar pair of shoes by Elizabeth and James here. and these were pricey. So, I took my wallet and put it back in the bag. Still, I can't help wondering if these were the perfect pair.


    La Copine