All Day Heels follow up...

I think it is only fair that I do a follow up post about my experiences with All Day Heels after recently receiving this comment on my last post from Sara Yared from All Day Heels:
Just for transparency, I’m Sara from All Day Heels. I hope you don’t mind my posting here but I was wondering if you’d had another chance to try out Insolia? You did mention you had bought more a while back so I was curious to see if they’d worked out for you? I'll try and elaborate a bit on them to give you some answers.
Firstly it sounds like you did try them in a pair of already very uncomfortable heels? Here's the thing. We say that you can typically wear your heels around 3 - 4 times longer in comfort when wearing them with Insolia. This is great for a pair of heels you can usually wear for 2 hours as you should then, by extrapolation, be able to wear them for 6 - even 8 - hours. Not so good, however, for a pair of shoes you can only wear for 5 minutes before they start to hurt. You'll only then get maybe 15 or 20 minutes wear. In other words there is only so much 'correction' they can do :)
Also, you are correct in saying that not all shoes are created equal. I have found varying degrees of success depending on the shoe I put them in. I’m not even sure myself if this is just tine degrees of placement or the shoes but I have definitely noticed they work better in some shoes compared to others.
As far as placement goes the trick is to have the tiny raised ‘bump’ at the front of your heel so it can rotate the bone and ‘lift’ you. You should feel some pressure, just not pain.
In regards to the backing strip, I couldn’t agree more! We’ve now improved this feature and our next batch – arriving any day now – has a vastly improved backing strip that you can peel off in a cinch.
Finally you are right about high arches. The shape of the Insolia contour is quite similar to the shape of the bottom of a foot with a higher arch. The "sameness" of the foot bottom to Insolia contour tend to negate some of the weight shift effect. Interestingly, some of the women who have higher arched feet do not need Insolia...they are already comfortable in HH shoes.
It is possible they just don't work with your feet and it's why we offer a money back guarantee. And we really do encourage people to take us up on this if they can’t get them to work.
You can see more about how they work here:
Best regards and thanks again for your fair and honest review."

I should be honest in writing that when I first tried All Day Heels I was looking for a product to put in my most uncomfortable shoes to make them comfortable. I know, I don't ask for much at all - only a modern day miracle of science!

After years of running around the city to and from work and at work in the most glamorous high heels, one day (around the time I hit 30) my feet just let it be known that enough was enough.  This made me quite sad, especially after I piled on a few kilograms... as there is nothing like a pair of heels to add some lift and elongate the body to appear slimmer.

Since failing to see any results when using these All Day Heels inserts in my D&G pumps (which by the way I ended up selling on eBay), I decided to try these inserts in a pair of mid-heel Country Road points.  These points seemed like the perfect candidate, since after only wearing them once they caused some pain in my metatarsal bone below my big toe (don't be too impressed, I had to look up the name of this bone). It may have been the combination of points plus heels that did it, but I was devastated to be in pain after paying $100+ for a pair of shoes which appeared seemingly comfy in shop, but weren't.

I write this post to inform you that after trying the All Day Heels inserts in these Country Road points, the heels are still a part of my shoe collection. Although, not my most comfortable heels (my round toe Country Road pumps win that prize), I can actually wear them now without feeling like I have just broken my big toe after only taking a few steps.

Thus far I have not tried the inserts in any other shoes as I have not felt the need after culling almost all shoes which were uncomfortable and otherwise shopping for shoes more wisely.

It's good to know though that if I do buy a dud pair of heels I can try All Day Heels in them to improve their comfort somewhat.  I do believe that sometimes miracles do happen, but just not the turning heels into flats type of miracles...

**In case anyone is wondering... I have not received any payment in money or in kind for writing this post.  I only felt that I should finally write a follow up post since I said that I would many moons ago.


  1. Do you think these insets would be worthwhile for someone with absolutely flat feet? And by flat I mean FLAT. You can't even slide a ruler underneath my instep. Thoughts?

    1. I think they would help, but I'm wondering whether possibly you might experience some discomfort in wearing them? As Sara from All Day Heels said - they offer a money back guarantee, so maybe worth trying :)

  2. Great to hear they worked a bit better for you this time around Karolina! Unfortunately there's nothing that will completely reverse the negative effects of high heels but at least now you can get wear out of shoes you otherwise wouldn't. I'm in the same boat as you - I used to wear heels that made me look like a basketballer but now I'm - gasp - sensible! My younger me would dread that word. There is quite a bit of difference as to how people experience them as well depending on your own personal physiology. As you've mentioned you have high arches and this means you are less likely to experience the maximum amount of correction (though I do have a high-arched friend who is a HH addict and swears these have helped her lower back pain - so it seems there is no exact rule). As to flat feet they actually seem to work best with flat feet as they have the chance to do the most 'correction. I've seen some women instantly amazed at the difference and literally sigh with relief and some women not notice any difference at all (I'm in the middle - I absolutely do notice a difference but it is most noticeable after a few hours wear). And we do offer a money back guarantee. Thanks again for taking the time to try them out :) We'll keep working on making a product that will completely reverse the pain!