The cull diary - bags and belts

Today's efforts saw me tackling my handbag and belt collection,  managing to cull 2 shoulder bags, 3 clutch bags and 10 belts.

For the record, this brings my cull tally to 208... including the Bettina Liano skirt I culled last month (donated to my Mother by the way).

Sadly I have decided to let go of my Mulberry Emmy bag - beautiful as it is, it sits on it's shelf hardly used.

If only it was black not brown...

I'm also moving along one of my Chloe bags.  It is well loved but in need of a new home as I have started to look at it and resent it that it's not a different bag (I can be a real cow sometimes).

It's not you, it's me...

I spent the rest of the day washing, steaming, ironing and photographing clothes for eBay.

To tell you the truth I will be happy to see the back of my wardrobe culling and eBay listing efforts. I feel like it has taken over my life (or at least my spare time).  The next few days will see the remainder of my Summer items listed, and prior to leaving for overseas I hope to find the time to schedule some Winter listings to finish upon my return.  I foresee that the cash injection will be welcomed as I expect to be broke upon my return from my holiday :)

ETA: Make that a total 213 things culled since starting this blog.  I forgot to include a further three pairs of shoes I culled (there are actually a couple more pairs on the chopping block) and a couple of dresses that were sitting in my "to mend box" for the past year. Clearly the task of mending them was too arduous for me, so out they went!


  1. The Chloé bag? But it is so beautiful! Oh I wish I had the money to help you take care of your problem:(

  2. I admit - an unwanted designer bag is a nice problem to have :)